A virtual reality head mounted display Oculus Rift is an upcoming technology.  The developers are Oculus VR, raised US$ 91 million for the project.  The company was cofounded by Palmer Luckney and John Carmak. Palmer used Meant to be seen (MTBS) Discussion   forum to promote it. The idea was more effective and inexpensive for gamers.  Later through his research on same prototype  Carmak joined him.

In 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo they announced their updated version of Doom 3 known as BFG Edition. There Carmack introduced homebrew head mounted display  the unit was of 5.6 inch LCD display, visible through dual lenses  by 90 and 110 degrees horizontal and vertical stereoscopic 3D prospective.  This prototype later turned into Oculus Rift.


Later on August 1 2012 company started kick starter campaign the funding ended at  $2,437,429. The Oculus developer kit was an initial version financed by a kick starter campaign. The campaign sought to get the initial Oculus Rift into the hands of developers to begin integration of the device into their games.

In August 2012, Oculus announced that the “dev kit” version of the Oculus Rift would be given as a reward to backers who pledged $300 or more on Kickstarter, with an expected shipping date set of December 2012. These preorders were expected to start being delivered in “May 2013”, but started arriving around March 30. Currently Oculus is accepting new developer kit orders on their website with a ship date of December 2013.

Upcoming under development projects includes consumer oriented version of rift targeted for general market, improved components and features, better head tracking , position tracking , 180 p resolution . Set up of wireless communication system are under consideration. The new panel’s pixel switching time is significantly faster, reducing latency and motion blur when turning one’s head quickly. The pixel fill is also better, reducing the screen door effect and making individual pixels less noticeable. The LCD is brighter and the color depth is 24 bits per pixel. The 7 inch screen also makes the stereoscopic 3D no longer 100% overlapping, the left eye seeing extra area to the left and the right eye seeing extra area to the right. This mimics normal human vision, which does not 100% overlap either, although the overlap area is smaller on the Rift than in real life.


Games and game platforms must be specifically designed to work correctly with the Oculus Rift. Oculus is producing a software development kit (SDK) to assist developers with integrating the Oculus Rift with their games. The SDK will include code, samples and documentation. According to Oculus, game integration will begin with PCs and smart phones and be followed by consoles at a later date. Games with support of Oculus rift are: Team Fortress 2, Museum of the Microstar, Half-Life 2 ,  Hawken.. The games included in the oculus rift are to be discussed in next blog.


Form 1

The advent of these high definition 3D printers came ever since there is lack of availability of cheap printing in this direction to provide quality printing for professional designing. MIT Media Lab is the place where the experiment started to develop high three dimensional printing. Since the results were like all such printers were excessively expensive and highly complex in usage.  This work started in 2011 to take the fold and make such printers user friendly and less costly to be easily assessable.

Now High resolution printing is available for your desktop . It took really hard work to the developers to come up with this excellent solution but finally its done.
•    This highly creative machine is an arms length to you.  While just using a button you can produce high resolution prints.
•     This highly simple in use you will take less time in setting up and more time in producing your desired designs.
•    The Form Finish post-processing kit keeps your desktop organized so that you can easily put the finishing touches on your masterpiece
•    A  stereolithography printer we call the Form 1. Stereolithography (SL) is the gold standard for accuracy and resolution in the 3D printing world, reaching layer thicknesses and feature sizes that are worlds ahead of what is possible with FDM.
•    The process is pretty straightforward – a laser is used to draw on the surface of a liquid plastic resin that hardens when exposed to a certain wavelength of light. The laser draws and hardens a layer at a time until the entire model is built. It’s simple, reliable, and quiet.
•    the Form 1 can print layers as thin as 25 microns (0.001 in) with features as small as 300 microns (0.012 in) in a build volume of 125 x 125 x 165 mm (4.9 x 4.9 x 6.5 in). This means you can print complex geometries with the exquisite details and beautiful surface finish that will make your creations stand out
•    Form software to have a simple, intuitive user experience that streamlines the process of importing .STL models from any 3D CAD package. Generating smart support structures for complex geometries and sending jobs to the printer is as easy as a few clicks.
•    A key advantage of the Form software is the ability to precisely generate thin, breakable support structures that serve their purpose during printing but are easily removed afterward
•    When the Form 1 is released, it will come with  first material – a neutral matte gray that is great for look-and-feel models, standalone parts, or even as a base color for painting.
•    we will continue development of an entire palette of materials for your printer. A variety of colors, transparency, flexibility, and even burnout capability for lost wax casting processes are all possible with SL.
•    A finishing tray and accessories set to assist you and keep your workspace clean and organized during this process.

So soon you are able to have this machine and can get benefit out of it. It’s an intrestingl device which is meant to make people wondrous.

Google Glass

The topic under discussion is one of the upcoming technologies The Google Glass also called Project Glass. The main developer is Google with manufacturer Foxconn  to be released in 2014 for public. It is a wearable computer with optical head-mounted display.  The basic aim behind this project is to make a market for computer to be available everywhere called Ubiquitous computing.  Numerous technologies are involved in the making of this device like advance middleware , operating system, mobile code, sensors, user interfaces, new I/O’s , mobile protocols , locations , positions.  It produces information in hands free format like smart phones that is human understandable language.


The product was tested in April 2012 by Sergey brin who wore the prototype in San Francisco at Foundation Fighting Blindness event.  Same year in May the first test video was demonstrated. Sergey brin showed it on The Gavin Newsom show.  On June 27 2012 the glass was demonstrated at Google I/O for skydivers, abseilers and mountain bikers who gave live streamed presentation to google+ Hangout. On June 21 2013 worlds first live surgery was broad cast by Spanish doctor Pedro Guillen through using the glass.  In 2013 Google is working on prescription lenses to be used with the device.


Frames are not chosen yet but Google is considering having partnership with sunglasses retailers like Ray-Ban, Warby Parker.  The Glasses would be modular and can be worn with normal prescriptions.  In August 2011 the first glass prototype weigh 8 pounds was introduced. Then later lighter materials were also produced and now Google is trying to manufacture new designs near to people’s normal eye wear.  It is speculated that the price of the issued glasses would be around $1500. On 2nd July 2013 Google launched the website announcing of availability of Google glasses till next year.  Google stated that” the company’s goal “is to make Glass available to a wider group of Explorers later this year, with even broader availability next year.” By using the glass you can :

  • Take a picture
  • Record items
  • Share pictures, videos, pages, different reading material
  • You can find directions
  • You can speak up to send messages
  • Ask what is in your mind
  • Translate any language
  • Answer without asking
  • Glasses are strong and light to wear
  • They have modular design


The Device uses operating system Android (4.0.4). Lithium polymer battery (2.1 walts). Memory 16 GB Flash.  It has Touch pad, My glass phone APP.  Camera –photos, 5MP, VIDEO -720 P.  For more information log on to google.com/glass


Word Press Version 3.8

In the honor of Bebop innovator Charlie Parker the word press version 3.8 “Parker” is released on December 12, 2013. Its features includes : improved admin interface, responsive design for mobile devices, new typography using open sans; admin color schemes ; redesign theme management interface, simplified main dashboard; twenty fourteen magazine style default theme; second release using plugin-first development process. It can be said that word press has gotten a face lift, beautify itself with a fresh new look.  It is amazingly colorful leaving behind the boring shades of grey. Hence introducing a new modern design.
It is accessible on every device be it smart phone, notepad, tablet or desktop and laptop.  Word press has become very adaptable.  Vector based icons has made it more high definition and high speed.  It has also introduced refined theme management and smooth widgets.  It is now able to run on the most difficult tasks, can upload complicated themes, pages, texts.  The dashboard home page is a good feature.  If you are a developer it’s just fits you since you can play with it while creating a lot of new stuff.  So what are you waiting for try it and experience new phenomena.

Events, Trainings and Parties

At TheVisionSpark the team takes keen interest in organizing training sessions and recreational events. We have celebrated National day as well to exhibit our true cultural values and patriotism.  We have extensively arranged practical as well as theoretical trainings at the office for the encouragement of our employees . These includes PHP , Word Press, Team building exercises , motivational speeches , inspiring stories , software knowledge and giving input on how to improve the career path  in order to boost the morale of each and every employee.



For entertainment we had been to numerous places including do darya, mandi on highway, gulshan grill for dinner. We enjoyed spending time together and that had enabled us to understand each other more closely and then move ahead as a strong team. We also arranged a daytime cricket match which was a must watch. It was huge fun activity and we often participate in such activities to give employees a refresher. At TheVisionSpark we have a much decentralized tough closely bound culture where everyone is welcome to put forth the suggestions and ways to improve not only work but also culture at the organizational level.



GITEX Technology Week 2013

The 33rd edition of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia’s largest and most Influential Information Communications Technology Event.

The continued success of the GITEX ETECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION over a period of a decade has been followed this year as well with same vibrancy. This fame has enticed various unique clients throughout the globe to follow the foot print of the counter parts. GITEX is contributed by IT, Media and telecom industry around the globe. It was the exhibition that targeted not only one part of the world region rather different continents and regions were invited across the globe including: South Asia, Africa, Middle East and various new joiners all were promoted and highly encouraged to participate. Among the ICT events GITEX has turned out to be the leader in the region initiated in 1981 as a gateway to spread technological advancements throughout the world. GITEX has been able to grab attention of more than 25000 C-Level executives and proved to be the leading event in the region. GITEX brought together over 140,000 professionals across and above 3500 suppliers from 54 countries throughout five continents


The 33rd Edition of GITEX Technology week 2013’s theme has been “Lets Create, Disrupt and Re-Imagine Together” happened to be on 20-24 October at Dubai World Trade Center. Program initiated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Ruler of Dubai, Prime Minister and Vice President. The important pronouncement  happened to be the opening of the innovative Smart City Project, major chunk of the technological arena participated in it almost 80% that would participate in transforming Dubai into the most “Smart Cities” of the world. A total of 61 countries exhibited, including new countries   Belarus, Brazil, Finland, Kenya , Lithuania, Serbia, Slovenia, Tunisia and Ukraine.

Major highlights are that Dubai Internet City and Microsoft announced a partnership  on in5 Innovation Hub to support new entrepreneurs and small businesses.   In the field of Education and Youth Empowerment Google in partnership with UAE ministry of Education and Etisalat launched video tutorial services in collaboration with YOU-TUBE Channel “Duroosi” for students e-learning. Google also became a partner for the initiation of a computer lab launch for students. Many of the CEO’s of major organizations realized the popularity of smart phones and smart apps growth among the masses of South Asia and Middle East and considered it to be the point of the spring up of latest e-commerce, e-government, financial services and gaming activities  everywhere. There were big data conferences, Cloud Confex, the Digital Strategies Forum along with free Smart Sessions.
Panasonic chose the event to launch a series of innovative products, including the world’s first 20-inch tablet with 4kresolution display theToughpad 4K UT-MB5. HP was determined to launching its new
Single-function printers,  multifunction printers, scanners and solutions that work with innovative secure mobile printing solutions. HP also launched the HP Officejet ProX, the world’s fastest desktop printer. Dubai-based tablet and smartphone maker Touchmate launched the new Blade smartphone, the latest offering in its growing array of smartphones. Alongside all this BRAMS Technology experts announced agreement with BIME on Cloud-Based business solutions. STC and Saudi Aramco signed a partnership to support the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Centre with a wide range of communications solutions, Huawei launched the Agile Switch S12700, a networking product that delivers software-defined networking, and ZTE Corporation showcased its innovative sustainable energy products with 15 African countries.
The all-new major industry awards at GITEX 2013: the Cloud Awards took place on 21 October 2013 during the LunchAwards Reception of Cloud Confex.
●●Best Data Center Infrastructure
Project – National Bankof Abu Dhabi
●●Best Cloud Security Implementation
– Mubadala
●●Best Virtualisation Solution
Implementation – General Civil
Aviation Authority
●●Best Big Data Solution Project
– Gulf Air
●●Best Government Implementation
of Cloud Solution – GISCS
Abu Dhabi Police


The Hot Awards were also distributed among participants. The top the gazettes launched were Apple iPad Mini, Asus PadPhone Infinity, Cubify 3D Printer, FitBit Flex, HTC One, LG 65LA970 Ultra HD TV, Nividia Sheild, MacBook Air 11in , Play Station 4, Sony NEX-7. There were GITEX tours and GSM Exchange among members. Content Hub was going around to equip everyone with latest technology.  Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) Initiated ICT Fund to provide funding to Khalifa’s University Arabic “Re-CAPTCHA Project”.
TheVisionSpark CO-Founders and C.E.O Muhammad Shakeeb and Muhammad Waqar also participated in the event. Their purpose to attend the event is to equip themselves with latest technological advancements going around and represent their own company and the offered project deals to the exhibitors. It has been a magnificent event so far. It covered major technological areas and showed the world upcoming talent and supported the creativity and innovation in the field of IT and media sciences. GITEX proved itself to be the giant of technical crunch through exhibiting trade and commerce.


Drupal Camp Dubai October 26, 2013

Drupalizing the Great Desert..Drupal Echoed in Dubai during The First Ever Drupal Camp in the Region
The pioneers of Drupal the drupalers  the dropak the main sponsor for the very first time in association with The Community Cultivatin Grant and The Drupal Association  organized  a Drupal Camp on October 26 , 2013 in U.A.E. Dubai being the center attraction for the entire world and the hub of tourism across the world  It was extremely surprising to know that people over here know little about The Drupal. I happened to know the fact when I began searching for the venue for the event.
We were running out of time and the event date was approaching it was very kind of Murrey Crowe who were trying to resolve our venue problem. Firstly even we went for paid venues inspite of bearing huge travelling expenses. Eventually the help came from The SZABIST University, Academic City Dubai; they were very humble to gave us the venue. This resolved our major problem and we all the Drupal team members are highly grateful to them for the help at the eleventh hour. Once the venue got finalized then we started marketing and advertising our event through distributing brochures  throughout the city.

The Co-Founder of TheVisionSpark Muhammad Shakeeb Khan was also one of the sponsor  actively participated in our quest to propagate the event.  He also got agreed upon being vocal in the event and become the significant speaker as he has experience in Drupal since Drupal 5  and he also move ahead in making Pakistan group on Drupal.org. Finally the day for the event arrived and I was extremely excited and wanted the success of the event. A day before the event we went to do all the arrangements and organization of banners and brochures and putting Drupal logos on the walls of the class rooms.
The Event started with Mr.Shakeeb ‘s key note speech in which he shared his experience over Drupal and the events he organized in Karachi in 2009 and the sudden spark he created among the participants through sharing the practical examples and his cooperate experiences and his interesting learning outcomes that was immensely fascinating for the attendees . There Shakeeb not only discussed Drupal but also .NET. Word Press as well.  People also participated by asking extremely intresting questions and Shakeeb answered all with great zeal and confidence. However he emphasized over Learning Drupal from Ground –Up level to making it as a career oriented platform. His Speech also included his real life success stories , practical demos of premier websites  he build in Drupal.


Then the initiation of the Hello Drupal Session conducted by me. Hello Drupal followed almost all the curriculum of Hello Drupal Sessions by Acquia. I put forth all the Drupal Details explaining them the raw Drupal concepts and the Drupal Speak. It was a long session lasting for Three Hours.  I went into in details of how the content is stored in Drupal, explained Entities, Nodes, bundles, taxonomy ,users, comments, blocks, regions, view modes, Drupal’s user management, configurations, image management/image styles, theme installation, module installations literally all core subjects of Drupal were taught , something like the Drupal in a Day curriculums. Views were explained to them but the whole session on Views THE VIEWS TIPS AND TRICKS was followed.
The audience had some developers present among them. During the views Tips and Tricks session they were surprise to see  the power of VIEWS. Shahid Khan, WordPress Developer at Smith and Ken said after the session “I have been egoist enough to switch to Drupal as I had heard a lot about it, but literally speaking ,I had never thought of Drupal being so amazing and powerful. “
The Views Tips and Tricks session was later followed by the Panels Sessions. During our earlier sessions, there were asked frequently asked questions about making changes in the theme of Drupal, and I would  answer each time that they had to wait for the Panels session  There were appreciations coming from the audience for what they were seeing and I was just loving it, for the Love I have got for this platform. Shakeeb was busy in ROOM 667 with more advanced users of Drupal. They were discussing all the great things in Drupal specially the new Entites system in Drupal 7 and Entity Based modules. Drupal commerce was discussed at a higher level which is based upon entities as well. Many Students of the University also had come for some of the sessions though they had exam that evening.
As many of the audience in Room 606 were absolute newbies to Drupal, after the panels session, the room turned into an hour long Q&A session. I was asked many things about how they would do something in Drupal and I would guide them. But questions were a bit too more, so I asked audience about how they would go about creating a Task Assignment System in Custom php, or .Net or WordPress. All had their answers until I demonstrated them how to create a basic Task Management system in a Company so that the boss knows to whom he has assigned a task and when. Entity Reference module was used in the demo and they had a system in front of them just within 10 Minutes. That demo really brought some real smiles on faces as if they would only USE Drupal from here. Reem Othman, a participant in the camp, natively from Syria told me about all the regrets going through her mind during these sessions regarding why hasn’t she known about Drupal until then. She is a custom PHP developer working in Dubai.

Conversation then turned into how to go about Learning Drupal. As we already had a session on Drupal Learning Resources, I went through a detailed list of Learning Resources for Drupal. They included not only free resources but also some of the commercial ones as well.We had promised of a session in the last regarding Creating a real word website in Drupal and making it live for the world to see but it was already past 5 pm and university was having exams in the room so we had to conclude our camp.

Dubai is multicultural city. You will find expatriates from many countries here. Our camp had guys and gals from India, Pakistan, Syria, South Africa, UAE and  Philippines proving the Drupal Community as one big nation.

Summing things up, we are really pleased that after our event there will be people who will go for adopting Drupal because even  there were promises made with me that the first thing they will do when they are back to their homes will be installing and exploring Drupal. We hope we will help community in UAE explore Drupal in depth by arranging such events again. We are soon going to put a request form on our website for when to organize such events in future as well as session requests so that we are always upto mark with the Community Requirements. Our website www.drupalcamps.ae will provide them a mean to commingle with the community and adopt and embrace Drupal.


Hence the Drupal event became a success and our efforts didn’t get futile people got enticed with the idea and showed huge interests in learning and adopting it. We are very thankful to SZABIST DUBAI as well as Muhammad Shakeeb to be the lead to make it happen and be the one amongst those who aims to spread the knowledge worldwide. Hence the Dream became the reality and I wish we will keep following it in future as well with fruitful results.



Social Media Marketing

Marketing and sales is a well equipped and well developed methodological science which is constantly shifting its paradigm with this always evolving and changing world.  It has now targeted new arenas of spheres in terms of satellite communications and scientific methods, and has left behind the old fashioned traditional print media of newspaper advertisements, magazines, television etc.  Today now new web technology has replaced this traditional medium.  Now companies need not to pay huge sums to magazines or newspapers to advertise rather they can advertise using web links with suitable amounts.

There are various ways to market through websites including creating Blogs, MicroBlogs, Social Networks, Media-Sharing sites, Social Bookmarking & selection sites, analysis sites and various writing forums. Apart from this the major chunk of marketing strategies are taken over by face book, you tube, Twitter, Linkedln , social book marking, blogs etc. For Example: IBM owns 100 different blogs, a lot of twitter accounts and established an accepted forum called Developer Works.

Hence there are several options available on web world among them the marketers have the choice to make them a medium to market themselves. It’s highly effective in order to appeal the clients or consumers throughout the world. It has combined the world to be the common market place for everyone is he/she belongs to north or south or east or west. World has finally transformed into an actual global village through social media.

social-media-logo-mashupFacebook is one of the leading social networking website which has taken over the major portion of world population’s interest. It has become the part and parcel of every one’s story for every day. It includes attractive features that connects people together and share the happenings of their lives together even minute details every second of an hour. It has glued the world together for every second. People are always available for each other no matter how far they are might be on different continent but they are connected closely. In marketing this social medium has actively contributed via promotions, giving people choices to like and dislike comments, fan clubs and separate pages, communities, group circles. Promotional videos and advertisements, games and sharing photos etc . It’s a huge medium to explore and get benefit out of it. In case of facebook more is always less.

“Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read “tweets”, which are text messages limited to 140 characters.” Twitter has also become one of the most popular website which people use to visit every day from worldwide. According to statistics about 500 million people registered for Twitter in 2012 and posted 340 million tweets per day every day. It has become worlds tenth most visited website and labeled as the “SMS” of the internet world. Over this platform one can put forth the message to the world and people would retweet it and the word would spread.
Linkedln is basically formed for professionals belonging to different occupations. It’s a professional networking website founded on May 5 , 2003. Over there people share their skills, talents, professional competencies, learned phenomena, job postings, rate each other according to their capabilities, proficiency, gauze abilities and skillfulness. Get to know each other’s expertise and masteries over various fields or facets. It helps to give clear picture of one’s knowledge, efficiency and brilliance. People tell others about their excellent projects and their effective leadership or managerial qualities and trainings.
You-Tube is a video sharing website it’s a very strong social networking medium. Apart from partners like BBC, Vevo etc individuals as well can upload videos on it.  It’s the best way to view video free of cost and since worldwide data is available on you tube. Most of the multinationals and film theatrical trailers are released on it.  Companies earns a lot via release of such ads and so the You-tube. It increases viewership and hence consequently the market share.


People residing throughout the world are very fond of using such social media networking websites. It not only gives them pleasure but also gives them opportunity to explore the new unexplored arena beyond their horizon. Not only it provides connecting opportunities to the loved ones but also shopping, trading, promotional, advertising, educational etc options to everyone. Hence it is beneficial for user as well as the website portal to publish and update it every now and then. People are benefiting a lot from this internet exercise. It is indeed highly useful for the people and the provider to use social media marketing since it’s a very resourceful platform for all. In my opinion it is the extreme requirement of today’s world to be connected to the whole world to get grip over upcoming events and be updated with all news. So using social medium of marketing is highly good for both users and the marketers in both short and the long term business and events.
Eventually we have come to the point that social media marketing is highly useful for customers on the other hand it does have disadvantages on marketers it builds a lot of pressure because of extreme competition. They have to now pay heavy prices to publish advertisements and promotions. With the advent of quarter sales and new product launches every quarters there is a lot of choice available for consumer in the marker with upcoming designers, retailers, products, new talent.
TheVisionSpark has got a lot of business through social media marketing by uploading a lot of product and services knowledge and defining our vision, aims and objectives with our demands which are as per the industry requirement. People visit the website and get know how about the business if it fulfill their requirements they place orders or quotations. On the other hand TheVisionSpark does help business to grow through providing them web development to get involved into Social media marketing strategies by developing their web portals in very fancy ways. All such activities enable not only us but also the users to enhance the search engine optimization results.
To sum up I would like to comment that there are pros n cons of everything but using technology in every field of life has become a necessity. No matter you belong to which field of life technology should be in your hand and why not it is making life interesting and providing ease to everyone. It fulfills multiple requirements, saving time and energy and it’s cheap. So why not get the benefit of this bounty of human brain gifted by Lord.

OpenERP for MIDSize Businesses

To make business solutions and decisions manage easily Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions (ERP) is developed. It helps the company maintain tools, techniques and modules effective enough to  decisions. These are as per requisite of the provision of information about the organization. ERP is extremely user friendly. ERP is required in an organization for following reasons:  when things are not coming under control, failed processes, bad financial performance, duplication of entries, no future forecast  in terms of production and planning and no evaluation tools available.

In Midsize company’s information available is timely with increase amount of productivity. The major stake holders get rid of menial tasks and can focus on bigger picture because of the effectiveness of the software. Key component of ERP is flexibility. Vendor selection is extremely important. Effective passage of communication channel to the lower level is very crucial after the implementation of ERP for improvement and better performance. ERP for mid size business is cheap than using Oracle, SAP etc. Within three years time the download of the OpenERP has doubled throughout the world. OpenERPis cost effective, open and customized, efficient and effective. The indication of good useful software is that it works according to your needs and specifications and fulfils your requirements.

Advantages of OpenERP Over SAP

Among the various advantages of OpenERP over SAP one is that it is easy to navigate than SAP.In SAP any customization is very costly about $200/hour. Here you can burn easily 100 hours on minor functionality. For small businesses it is recommended to hire someone and perform it manually rather than the systems. In SAP the customer support has become pathetic. They think with SAP they are just a number in the balance sheet and small businesses don’t make much difference to SAP. Integration of SAP with Magneto web store is not that great. For these reasons it is better and advantageous to use OpenERP OVER sap. The above points are observed after having a client survey that prefer to use OpenERP over SAP. Hence it highlights the advantages of using Open ERP.
There are various advantages and differences between SAP and OpenERP . Firstly SAP was developed in Germany and OpenERP was developed in United States. SAP software can be called as fit for all meaning it is made for the businesses of all sizes. It is useful for all type of business.  OpenERP  is made for Small-Mid businesses . Due to Customization the implementation cost is reduced from 30-40% in OpenERP as compared to SAP. The license cost and hardware requirements are minimal in OpenERP.

CRM Server is integrated in OpenERP and no need of extra server but in case of SAP hardware cost is of 10% of implementation cost. Moreover Licensing cost is 25% more over the implementation cost. SAP needs a dedicated Server for CRM. Twenty Four Percent of the global licensing cost allocated for a period of five year as the maintenance cost for the SAP projects. For OpenERP, it is estimated as 10% of the implemented cost for more than 500 users. SAP is best suited for large entities and organizations and can provide them common and complete structures. On the other hand it doesn’t cater the requirements of small structures where flexible solutions, easy tools and implementations and quick fixes are required.

The Dis-Advantages of The Water Fall Model

Winston. W. Royce in 1970 first coined the term The Water Fall Model in an article for a sequential design process. The task execution of the model is comprised of six different stages one after the other. It works on a mechanism that if one stage is not completely finished the next stage doesn’t starts. In the first stage no matter you are designing for a large or small model you must have an idea about what finish product you want you have to mould your design structure in this stage.

In second stage the whole functionality of the software design is decided. In Third stage work starts and all important stages like coding, algorithm, designing, database management and every other aspect is dealt with. In fourth stage the testing and correction process starts. Integration and handover to client takes place in next phase the sixth stages involves reviewing and debugging and helping the client with the software management.


The biggest disadvantage of the software is that we cannot undo the written stuff. If the client is not clear in his mind about what exactly he wants from the stage one it becomes extremely difficult to make alteration in the implementation phase. To prevent such issues we freeze the hardware and software but with advancement and updated technology that cannot be easily done. Since all stages are inter linked so a single small change carries a big problem for the next executable stage. Going back and forth is a very highly costly process. The water fall software is based on linear model which is not best suited for long term use. It is a very highly risky and uncertain model because if you find problems at the very end you are at the losing end. It doesn’t fulfill the requirements of long term and ongoing projects.


Open –SOURCE ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP) is a software written in Python, JavaScript, XML languages. The operating system is based on Linux, Windows, UNIX and MAC OS X. Its type is based on accounting, CRM and ERP. It’s an OpenSource project customized programming, support and connected to global network. The software which are used in Place of OpenSourceERP are SAP, OpenBravo, Netsuit etc.

The first and the foremost advantage of using this software is its being open source. Then its interface which is simple and less cluttered. It also provides option to change colors according to the suitability to the user the facilities differ from versions to versions. It enables user to explore and search, easily filter and do advance search. Its pace of work is also a very significant factor. Installation of modules which supports applications like social networking and maintaining address books etc. It also provides messaging facilities like face book applications. People can easily join in and exchange messages among each other. It is designed in a very easy to follow manner that it may be called very user friendly


Since it includes features and modules which gives fixes to multiple industries and tasks its highly useful for us for example: OpenERP for paper industry, packaging industry, Health and Hospital management system , School management system , sales, purchase, CRM ,Fleet management, HRM, Project Management , Asset management etc. Hence it is highly useful in very dynamic circles and diversified working environments and useful for multiple tasks.

Location Base Project Management Tools

Project management tools were basically initiated for mid size and small business which were comprised of small teams. Project management has now been started to manage very large business as well. Most of the multinationals and big giants as well as small and medium sized companies have out sourced their department to people providing project management solutions off shore. This is a very convenient and cost effective manner to manage the business.

There are various top project management tools from which one should choose to apply to get maximum benefit from their business. These days’ globalization and diversity in the global world and people are more looking forward to work through using project management tools. There are a few top tools discussed as under Teambox : this is the best project collaboration software which is popular among designers and managers. It’s very user friendly software. It ensures the flow of information among users and data is exchanged in a very systematic manner in this software.


Next is Projecturf: Its kinds of very much customized software with very high security level to keep data private and many features are just same as of team box. Next is Apollo: It’s highly interactive and control functionality on time and enables you to perform tasks on time, it set millstones and accomplish the tasks. Next in the list is Base Camp: it provides very good platform to communicate among a managers and team members, its highly effectively interactive software. It provides templates to create tasks so it’s not tedious project management software tool. Huddle is the most widely used software throughout the world by maximum number of businesses. It’s all basic functionalities are online. So there are plenty of software available throughout the world the important thing is to gauze which one is suitable according to the need of your business.

Introducing Responsive Web Typography With FlowType.JS

It’s our great pleasure to support active members of the Web design and development community. Today, we’re proud to presentFlowType.JS that allows a perfect character count per line at any screen width. This article is yet another special of our series of various tools, libraries and techniques that we’ve published here on Smashing Magazine: LiveStylePrefixFreeFoundationSisyphus.js,GuideGuideGridpakJS BinCSSComb and Jelly Navigation Menu. — Ed.


While working on an image-heavy site for Simple Focus, a couple of our designers, John Wilson and Casey Zumwalt, noticed how images always scaled perfectly. Pull the corner of the browser window and the images expand to fill the space. Push back the corner, they shrink and fall into place. The line length of hypertext, on the other hand, changes based on its parent element’s width, which has a negative effect on readability.

An In-Depth Introduction To Ember.js

With the release of Ember.js 1.0, it’s just about time to consider giving it a try. This article aims to introduce Ember.js to newcomers who want to learn more about the framework. Users often say that the learning curve is steep, but once you’ve overcome the difficulties, then this framework is tremendous.

This happened to me as well. While the official guides are more accurate and up to date than ever (for real!), this post is my attempt to make things even smoother for beginners. First, we will clarify the main concepts of the framework. Next, we’ll go in depth with a step-by-step tutorial that teaches you how to build a simple Web app with Ember.js and Ember-Data, which is Ember’s data storage layer. Then, we will see how views and components help with handling user interactions. Finally, we will dig a little more into Ember-Data and template precompiling.

So You Want To Write A Digital Strategy?

“Can you put together a digital strategy for us to review?” Requests like this strike fear into those of us who work on the Web. What do we know about putting together strategy documents?

Yes, we understand the Web, but we don’t know how to write a document that is essentially a business strategy. What even goes into a digital strategy! Unfortunately, this is something management seems to increasingly request from Web designers.

Print Media


Print Media involves marketing by using text and image production with ink using a printing press. It encompasses major chunks of industrial marketing processes, publishing and transaction printing. TheVisionSpark is highly effective in this domain.

SEO & Social Media Marketing


Quoted from Wikipedia

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. Other forms of search engine marketing (SEM) target paid listings. In general, the earlier (or higher on the page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search and industry-specific vertical search engines. ”

Here you get all this under one root in your web application.

In order to get ample number of projects we need to adopt the Search Engine Optimization Strategy. This step is taken in order to get visible amongst uncountable search results. There are two types of it SEO unpaid(organic or algorithmic) and SEM paid ones. The earlier the web pages appear in the list the larger number of visitors it gets.

Digital Strategy


TheVisionSpark has proved to be a market leader in web application development, management and support. It inter mingles unique customize information delivered by client and relates it to the business processes and systems.

Web Designing & Development


The most distinctive feature between two websites is its web design. You may not be interested into or don’t have any idea about what is happening behind but what you really want it nice, flashy and colorful website. Most of the development firms deny this important fact but indeed its the most promising feature of a website.
We at TheVisionSpark turn your dream into reality to enable you to look and feel the project as you like it.

Enterprise solutions


While the provision of enterprise solutions our goal is to enhance profit, proficiency and productivity of the business.  We aim to provide excellent services for the most complex problems and issues. We focus on enlarging the objectives, widen the vision, constantly work for the consolidation of data, programming languages , technological complications and other contributing factors.  Hence at TheVisionSpark we are capable in utilizing ourselves as best in giving enterprise solutions to companies.



Web Applications

Web Applications are one of the useful and latest methods of promoting your business online. It is replacing desktop computing and has emerged as an alternative of desktop applications. Online applications are user friendly and do not need time to install on your system. Web apps do not take up memory on your hard drive, and do not even consume much of the system memory either.


Many of our customers want custom web applications online that cater to their unique requirements. Such web apps can provide organizations and individuals with customized solutions to aid them in performing core business operations. Therefore if you have web application that allows your customers to design or order their customized products online, it would be a great competitive advantage for your business. With the rise of smart phone ecommerce, web apps are a must have for any enterprise.


TheVisionSpark specializes in custom web applications. Our team of developers are highly trained and have years of experience in web application development. We take the time to understand the needs of our clients before we start the development phase. Our developers create online web applications through JavaDHTML, JavaScript, SilverlightFlash, and other technologies.


We do not only design applications but also maintain, modify and upgrade them consistently. If you are looking into web application development, act now and take your business to the next level.


TVS is the place that will help you increase the worth of your business by developing the unique and user-friendly application. If you need a custom web application, place an order with us; we will exceed your expectations.