Developing Mutual Understanding among Teams

The most important aspect of human life is human Behavior or attitude. One who learns to master the art of self control becomes a very polished and successful person. People who learned to control their behaviors can only understand how to control others too. Such people become very good leaders because they exhibit leadership qualities. They have enough potential to drive others.  They got qualities to be the team leads.
We can never eliminate human factor from human beings which are based on their feelings, emotions and reactions. This is very much gifted from God to humans and it is an innate capacity given to them in order to understand each other.  It is better to use this human factor in evaluating humans and bring harmony and understand among them.  This can only be achieved by understand the psychology of humans from various aspects their attitude, behavior, family back ground, relationships, experiences.  To do this it is of significant importance to have people with higher emotional quotient (EQ) in leading roles because they posses’ immense qualities of overcoming emotional upheavals and understands human behavior very well.
All the great leaders of the world Sir Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Mohammad Ali Jinnah . Nelson Mandela all were very much liked by people because of the fact that people could relate to them they had high EQ. Such kinds of qualities are required in a manager as well to deal with his subordinates and team members. He must be intelligent enough to give respect to emotional elements and sentiments of the people in his team and that’s the key to develop understanding among team members. The level of friendship and communication will decide how far a team can be successful and able enough to achieve the organizational and individual objectives.
No assignment or project can be done individually so mutual dependence is of utmost value and developing it among team members is difficult since everyone has a different mindset and nature. It is the responsibility of manager to listen to everyone but come up with the right decision the optimal solution to fulfill the organizational objective.  Hence once the teams develop understanding so it can become easy for them to mutually cooperate and come up to the similar conclusion and concur with each other on various organizational issues.
Hence these are the ways a manager needed to observe while managing teams in order to make team members understand each other, cooperate with each other and be successful in the achievement of organizational objectives.

Women Empowerment and Education

A woman plays the most integral part in a child’s life; she remains the most prominent character and an emblem of love and support throughout his life. Whatever a mother can teach a child no teacher can, no book or experience can. She is both a mother and a close friend to a child.  A child feels at ease sharing all the desires, hopes, expectations and experiences with his mother. She is a companion from cradle to grave guiding all the way. Mother’s teachings are worth remembering to every child and they become his reflection. Her wishes sprout the personality of a child in all good. So the importance of a mother is undeniable.
Hence we can draw a point that it is of significant importance to educate and empower our women. Since, she is the one who is participating in the character building of the nation. If we deeply follow it is not the leader but the mother who is building the nation transferring values and virtues to individuals. There is a dire need of providing education to women in large capacities since they occupy the major chunk of population and can contribute enormously in nation building. Not only household women need education and grooming but largely women needs to be educated to take part in developing the country.  There are numerous benefits of giving professional and technical education to women. Firstly they can prove to be very good teachers, financial analysts, entrepreneurs, designers, doctors etc.
Secondly since they are quiet eloquent by nature so they can impart the learned knowledge and experiences very well. God has given them very natural communication capacity they can be excellent communication and customer relationship managers and can mange clients brilliantly. In business world they can show their skills and abilities very well. This is the reason why all the technical giants like IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google , You tube, Face book etc all have Women as their CEO,COO,CFO etc
So my message to all my readers is that do encourage your daughters to learn. Give them excellent education as you give to your boys. Who knows your daughter can be the next CEO of any multinational ever thought? Think once……and please Empower and educate your women.

Building Technical Skill set

In this non stagnant business world it is of utmost importance to build technical expertise. There are very many people who are not capable enough to acquire academic qualification by attending schools and professional institutions.  For such people vocational training centers are established worldwide which are largely supported by government in the developed countries and nominal charges in the under developed  nations. People can get immense knowledge and can learn several skills through getting vocational trainings.
Even governments themselves give opportunities to individuals to empower them and develop effective workforce in order to improve productivity and manufacture capital goods to earn foreign exchange and export more. The more you have skilled man power the more you have production and growth opportunities. All the biggest economies have trained their individuals to work hard and contribute in building them up and make the use of internal resources so that imports are less and exports are more and only such economies has grown since last few decades who learned the lessons of being self sufficient . The economies such as China, India, Japan UK and US have grown tremendously in last few decades.
The most significant factor is considering the power of women population as an effective workforce and contributor in the economy. Mostly in illiterate societies women are considered not capable enough to handle the economics but in reality research proved that they are the strongest economists since their management starts very early from home economics and they handles finance better than men. They are best in budgeting and maintaining customer relationships and resolving queries. Since they are gifted with soft skills and polite nature by mother Nature.
So all men and women are equally an asset to the nation and both can contribute equally in their own capacities in nation building and growing economies the need of the hour is to provide them a platform to show their strength and polish their abilities so that they themselves identify their true potentials and not only work for their own good but also for the betterment of the society and country as a whole.
We must encourage our people to work hard and be loyal to the country and help the state in moving ahead because with the passage of time the competition is getting fierce and to stand in the league we have to be inter dependent and self sufficient in order to win the race.

Need Of Professional Qualification in Practical life

With the fast pace of practical world and changing dynamics of life the present day requirements are becoming tougher and tougher day by day. To make the ends meet everyone has to acquire maximum amount of skills sets, knowledge and experience in today’s world because of extensive competition and varied environment.  Since with globalization the world has shrunk into a global village and the interdependence between countries has grown manifold. This has remarked larger trade alliances, promotion of commerce and transportation and communication has become easier, cheaper and accessible.
To lead a prosperous life and sustain in this present day unpredictable economy one has to equip oneself with professional tool kit. Has to work hard over building and enhancing capabilities required to face the difficulties and manifest the potentials to benchmark and prove oneself. Not only technical skills are enough but also communication and interpersonal skills are mandatory to acquire for better growth and progress in corporate world. One who has command over his /her language and is affluent in speech and has the ability to face the audience and carry the show with enthusiasm and interest and can capture the attention of the listeners can be an effective communicator. He/she is very likely to achieve the organizational objective which is the overall aim. The need is to understand that such skills can be learned through attaining professional qualification.
Professional qualification adds value to ones personality makes him/her able enough to channelize ones energies and potentials to the optimum and it polishes and grooms the person. All you need to do is to get enrolled once in any such professional skill development program and be focused and learn by spreading your wings through collecting as much pearls of wisdom as you can. This training would convert you into diamond, a valuable asset for everyone.
So don’t waste your time sitting and thinking how to pass time just embark into any course, certification, diploma or degree which in any way would be fruitful for you in long run if you can’t see short term benefits. So please go ahead don’t miss chances there are plenty of opportunities available out there choose the one that suits your professional requirement and your nature and believe me you will soon outshine. Please go ahead and be SPARKLING…….