The Vision Spark

Word Press Version 3.8

In the honor of Bebop innovator Charlie Parker the word press version 3.8 “Parker” is released on December 12, 2013. Its features includes : improved admin interface, responsive design for mobile devices, new typography using open sans; admin color schemes ; redesign theme management interface, simplified main dashboard; twenty fourteen magazine style default theme; second release using plugin-first development process. It can be said that word press has gotten a face lift, beautify itself with a fresh new look.  It is amazingly colorful leaving behind the boring shades of grey. Hence introducing a new modern design.
It is accessible on every device be it smart phone, notepad, tablet or desktop and laptop.  Word press has become very adaptable.  Vector based icons has made it more high definition and high speed.  It has also introduced refined theme management and smooth widgets.  It is now able to run on the most difficult tasks, can upload complicated themes, pages, texts.  The dashboard home page is a good feature.  If you are a developer it’s just fits you since you can play with it while creating a lot of new stuff.  So what are you waiting for try it and experience new phenomena.