The Vision Spark

Women Empowerment and Education

A woman plays the most integral part in a child’s life; she remains the most prominent character and an emblem of love and support throughout his life. Whatever a mother can teach a child no teacher can, no book or experience can. She is both a mother and a close friend to a child.  A child feels at ease sharing all the desires, hopes, expectations and experiences with his mother. She is a companion from cradle to grave guiding all the way. Mother’s teachings are worth remembering to every child and they become his reflection. Her wishes sprout the personality of a child in all good. So the importance of a mother is undeniable.
Hence we can draw a point that it is of significant importance to educate and empower our women. Since, she is the one who is participating in the character building of the nation. If we deeply follow it is not the leader but the mother who is building the nation transferring values and virtues to individuals. There is a dire need of providing education to women in large capacities since they occupy the major chunk of population and can contribute enormously in nation building. Not only household women need education and grooming but largely women needs to be educated to take part in developing the country.  There are numerous benefits of giving professional and technical education to women. Firstly they can prove to be very good teachers, financial analysts, entrepreneurs, designers, doctors etc.
Secondly since they are quiet eloquent by nature so they can impart the learned knowledge and experiences very well. God has given them very natural communication capacity they can be excellent communication and customer relationship managers and can mange clients brilliantly. In business world they can show their skills and abilities very well. This is the reason why all the technical giants like IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google , You tube, Face book etc all have Women as their CEO,COO,CFO etc
So my message to all my readers is that do encourage your daughters to learn. Give them excellent education as you give to your boys. Who knows your daughter can be the next CEO of any multinational ever thought? Think once……and please Empower and educate your women.