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The Eye Tribe

The Danish startup business The Eye Tribe formed the company in 2011. It all started seven years ago where the four founders met at the IT University of Copenhagen. Their aim was to make eye tracking available for everyone at an affordable price. Within a couple of years they were renowned as the world leading research group in low cost eye tracking.
After finishing their PhD’s the four founders bought the IP from the University and formed The Eye Tribe company during their participation in the European StartupBootcamp accelerator program in 2011. The team now includes 16 full time employees,developing eye tracking software and applications for mobile devices. The Eye Tribe received seed funding of USD 1 million from private European investors in 2012 and is also leading a USD 4.4 Million government funded project to develop eye control for mobile devices.

The Eye Tribe is only compatible with Microsoft Windows XP SP1 or newer, but the company is in the process of working on support for other major platforms, such as Macintosh and OS. They are selling the device to developers with a simple software development kit using C++, C# and Java programming platforms. The Eye Tribe has broken the records of all small eye tracking systems. The main components of the Eye Tribe tracker are a camera and a high-resolution infrared LED that can be used via mobile or smart phone.

The company aims to target commercial market they want to make the product available for every household. The Eye Tribe makes it clear that they hope their technology will become versatile, used for many things from games to working, from browsing the web to security. The game Fruit Ninja is mostly use in the demonstration of the device because it is vastly available on the most of the smart phones and iPhones. The game usually uses a touch screen to slice fruit, but with eye tribe technology, the gamer would just look at the screen and use their gaze to play. Eye Tribe is working with other application designers to integrate their technology into other games for pleasure.
Its features are:
Sampling rate    30 Hz and 60 Hz mode
Accuracy    0.5° (average)
Spatial resolution    0.1° (RMS)
Latency    < 20 ms at 60 Hz
Calibration    5, 9, 12 points
Operating range    45 cm – 75 cm
Tracking area    40 cm × 30 cm at 65 cm distance
Screen sizes    Up to 24 inches
API/SDK    C++, C# and Java included
Data output    Binocular gaze data
Dimensions    (W/H/D) 20 × 1.9 × 1.9 cm (7.9 × 0.75 × 0.75 inches)
Weight    70 g
Connection    USB 3.0 Superspeed