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Social Media Marketing

Marketing and sales is a well equipped and well developed methodological science which is constantly shifting its paradigm with this always evolving and changing world.  It has now targeted new arenas of spheres in terms of satellite communications and scientific methods, and has left behind the old fashioned traditional print media of newspaper advertisements, magazines, television etc.  Today now new web technology has replaced this traditional medium.  Now companies need not to pay huge sums to magazines or newspapers to advertise rather they can advertise using web links with suitable amounts.

There are various ways to market through websites including creating Blogs, MicroBlogs, Social Networks, Media-Sharing sites, Social Bookmarking & selection sites, analysis sites and various writing forums. Apart from this the major chunk of marketing strategies are taken over by face book, you tube, Twitter, Linkedln , social book marking, blogs etc. For Example: IBM owns 100 different blogs, a lot of twitter accounts and established an accepted forum called Developer Works.

Hence there are several options available on web world among them the marketers have the choice to make them a medium to market themselves. It’s highly effective in order to appeal the clients or consumers throughout the world. It has combined the world to be the common market place for everyone is he/she belongs to north or south or east or west. World has finally transformed into an actual global village through social media.

social-media-logo-mashupFacebook is one of the leading social networking website which has taken over the major portion of world population’s interest. It has become the part and parcel of every one’s story for every day. It includes attractive features that connects people together and share the happenings of their lives together even minute details every second of an hour. It has glued the world together for every second. People are always available for each other no matter how far they are might be on different continent but they are connected closely. In marketing this social medium has actively contributed via promotions, giving people choices to like and dislike comments, fan clubs and separate pages, communities, group circles. Promotional videos and advertisements, games and sharing photos etc . It’s a huge medium to explore and get benefit out of it. In case of facebook more is always less.

“Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read “tweets”, which are text messages limited to 140 characters.” Twitter has also become one of the most popular website which people use to visit every day from worldwide. According to statistics about 500 million people registered for Twitter in 2012 and posted 340 million tweets per day every day. It has become worlds tenth most visited website and labeled as the “SMS” of the internet world. Over this platform one can put forth the message to the world and people would retweet it and the word would spread.
Linkedln is basically formed for professionals belonging to different occupations. It’s a professional networking website founded on May 5 , 2003. Over there people share their skills, talents, professional competencies, learned phenomena, job postings, rate each other according to their capabilities, proficiency, gauze abilities and skillfulness. Get to know each other’s expertise and masteries over various fields or facets. It helps to give clear picture of one’s knowledge, efficiency and brilliance. People tell others about their excellent projects and their effective leadership or managerial qualities and trainings.
You-Tube is a video sharing website it’s a very strong social networking medium. Apart from partners like BBC, Vevo etc individuals as well can upload videos on it.  It’s the best way to view video free of cost and since worldwide data is available on you tube. Most of the multinationals and film theatrical trailers are released on it.  Companies earns a lot via release of such ads and so the You-tube. It increases viewership and hence consequently the market share.


People residing throughout the world are very fond of using such social media networking websites. It not only gives them pleasure but also gives them opportunity to explore the new unexplored arena beyond their horizon. Not only it provides connecting opportunities to the loved ones but also shopping, trading, promotional, advertising, educational etc options to everyone. Hence it is beneficial for user as well as the website portal to publish and update it every now and then. People are benefiting a lot from this internet exercise. It is indeed highly useful for the people and the provider to use social media marketing since it’s a very resourceful platform for all. In my opinion it is the extreme requirement of today’s world to be connected to the whole world to get grip over upcoming events and be updated with all news. So using social medium of marketing is highly good for both users and the marketers in both short and the long term business and events.
Eventually we have come to the point that social media marketing is highly useful for customers on the other hand it does have disadvantages on marketers it builds a lot of pressure because of extreme competition. They have to now pay heavy prices to publish advertisements and promotions. With the advent of quarter sales and new product launches every quarters there is a lot of choice available for consumer in the marker with upcoming designers, retailers, products, new talent.
TheVisionSpark has got a lot of business through social media marketing by uploading a lot of product and services knowledge and defining our vision, aims and objectives with our demands which are as per the industry requirement. People visit the website and get know how about the business if it fulfill their requirements they place orders or quotations. On the other hand TheVisionSpark does help business to grow through providing them web development to get involved into Social media marketing strategies by developing their web portals in very fancy ways. All such activities enable not only us but also the users to enhance the search engine optimization results.
To sum up I would like to comment that there are pros n cons of everything but using technology in every field of life has become a necessity. No matter you belong to which field of life technology should be in your hand and why not it is making life interesting and providing ease to everyone. It fulfills multiple requirements, saving time and energy and it’s cheap. So why not get the benefit of this bounty of human brain gifted by Lord.