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Smart Things

Wireless home automation technologies are the upcoming technologies in the near future. These are the fusion of wireless with digital and non digital aspects of technological advancements. Previously only affluent people could benefit from wired home automation functionalities because they were highly expensive and not easily available. Or the big business giants could afford it.  In spite of it people got indulged into it and invested but not remarkably.  Since these days Smart phones are becoming hugely popular and everyone is having it many apps have been devised to control and automate several functions around the house as well – including switching lights on, switching lights off, increasing and decreasing air conditioning temperatures etc. However the smart phone claims to change the average home into a smart home.

SmartThings image
Smart Things will comprise of one main hub that can control up to 100 household functions. This hub will be connected to your home router with the help of an Ethernet connection. The other core devices will be placed throughout the house so that the primary hub can send signals to them upon receiving instructions from the user. Among the most interesting features are the open/shut sensor that can figure out if windows, doors and cabinets are open or shut, the motion sensor that can detect movements within the room and the presence sensor that can trace the entry and exit of people and animals in the house.
According to the manufacturers this device will connect the dull objects in the physical world to the internet, so that the user can control, monitor and automate them from any place he likes. This first of its kind technology can not only be used within the house but can also be implemented in an office space. Complications are removed and the device is made simpler via its – its reasonable price, its simplified installation process and the wide variety of features. Next year round, the manufacturers intend to add other advanced functions like a door locking mechanism, a thermostat control and a whole range of functions that will help you monitor your home and office from far away and step up home security as well as child security features around these places. The best aspect of Smart Things is that all these high end functions can be performed simply through your smart phone.

The technology used is cellular, Ethernet, Z Wave, Zigbee and Bluetooth. Even though it is not available for free, the cost of this entire setup is unbelievably reasonable with a user having to pay only $5 to $10 per device each month. A development kit that has been designed by Smart Things also allows you to create additional devices
•    Works with digital and non-digital devices, innovative
•    All-in-one solution – Home automation, home & child security
•    Elegant design
•    Affordable price
•    Can save energy
•    Coffee is made, when you get up
•    Check if your new-born baby finallly sleeps
•    The fire brigade will be informed if your house is burning
Smart thing is a very new and innovative idea, unique all-in-one solution for home automation and home and child security. It is highly assessable you can place an order even pre release. Trust me it will be a revolution in your world. It will be accepted massively because of its attractive features and affordable price and commercialism. So hurry up go and place the order the market is all open for you.