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Pros and Cons of Technological Advancement in Communication

Since decades with the advancements in technologies the ways and mediums of communication have changed a lot. In olden times the orthodox means of communication only involved exchange of information through messengers and later with modern age telegraph and telephone came into existence. The advent impacted heavily the lives of people throughout the world.  It completely revolutionalized the way people used to communicate.
With the industrial revolution the way transport and commerce took place a new world emerged. This is called the new world order in which people were replaced with machines. Hence new ways of communication developed far easier and far cheaper.  In modern age the Computer was invented and the whole world indulged into this technological revolution.  From there on there has been a constant flow of information with immense ease and comfort. The invention of internet has taken over almost the whole world now people can communicate with each other without any hassle. Its just a matter of seconds to send a message or your loved ones are just a call away from you which takes time in seconds to connect. The development of wireless devices and social media networking has bring forth  everything available to anyone anytime anywhere. The popularity of cheap smart phones  has enabled every one to benefit from this technological advancement every minute of the second. Social media networking has made online marketing . shopping, relationship building very easy.
On the other hand with this advanced technologies and easier ways of communication people are still going far away from each other. Access is available but the mechanical life style has restricted people to spend time with each other. People are just separated finding no time to even call each other or they are not intended to do so.  Families are getting nuclear and distances are increasing with everyone getting into the race of earning more and more money family values are dying and morality has reached to its lowest ebb.
Hence to conclude technology has benefited the humanity to a great extent no doubt but it has impacted the social life of the people in a very passive way.  People should learn again the lessons of morality and ethics and value relations more than materialistic aspects of life. That’s how we would be able to make the world a much happier, peaceful  and better place for the human beings and other creatures.