The Vision Spark


Open –SOURCE ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP) is a software written in Python, JavaScript, XML languages. The operating system is based on Linux, Windows, UNIX and MAC OS X. Its type is based on accounting, CRM and ERP. It’s an OpenSource project customized programming, support and connected to global network. The software which are used in Place of OpenSourceERP are SAP, OpenBravo, Netsuit etc.

The first and the foremost advantage of using this software is its being open source. Then its interface which is simple and less cluttered. It also provides option to change colors according to the suitability to the user the facilities differ from versions to versions. It enables user to explore and search, easily filter and do advance search. Its pace of work is also a very significant factor. Installation of modules which supports applications like social networking and maintaining address books etc. It also provides messaging facilities like face book applications. People can easily join in and exchange messages among each other. It is designed in a very easy to follow manner that it may be called very user friendly


Since it includes features and modules which gives fixes to multiple industries and tasks its highly useful for us for example: OpenERP for paper industry, packaging industry, Health and Hospital management system , School management system , sales, purchase, CRM ,Fleet management, HRM, Project Management , Asset management etc. Hence it is highly useful in very dynamic circles and diversified working environments and useful for multiple tasks.