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Google Glass

The topic under discussion is one of the upcoming technologies The Google Glass also called Project Glass. The main developer is Google with manufacturer Foxconn  to be released in 2014 for public. It is a wearable computer with optical head-mounted display.  The basic aim behind this project is to make a market for computer to be available everywhere called Ubiquitous computing.  Numerous technologies are involved in the making of this device like advance middleware , operating system, mobile code, sensors, user interfaces, new I/O’s , mobile protocols , locations , positions.  It produces information in hands free format like smart phones that is human understandable language.


The product was tested in April 2012 by Sergey brin who wore the prototype in San Francisco at Foundation Fighting Blindness event.  Same year in May the first test video was demonstrated. Sergey brin showed it on The Gavin Newsom show.  On June 27 2012 the glass was demonstrated at Google I/O for skydivers, abseilers and mountain bikers who gave live streamed presentation to google+ Hangout. On June 21 2013 worlds first live surgery was broad cast by Spanish doctor Pedro Guillen through using the glass.  In 2013 Google is working on prescription lenses to be used with the device.


Frames are not chosen yet but Google is considering having partnership with sunglasses retailers like Ray-Ban, Warby Parker.  The Glasses would be modular and can be worn with normal prescriptions.  In August 2011 the first glass prototype weigh 8 pounds was introduced. Then later lighter materials were also produced and now Google is trying to manufacture new designs near to people’s normal eye wear.  It is speculated that the price of the issued glasses would be around $1500. On 2nd July 2013 Google launched the website announcing of availability of Google glasses till next year.  Google stated that” the company’s goal “is to make Glass available to a wider group of Explorers later this year, with even broader availability next year.” By using the glass you can :

  • Take a picture
  • Record items
  • Share pictures, videos, pages, different reading material
  • You can find directions
  • You can speak up to send messages
  • Ask what is in your mind
  • Translate any language
  • Answer without asking
  • Glasses are strong and light to wear
  • They have modular design


The Device uses operating system Android (4.0.4). Lithium polymer battery (2.1 walts). Memory 16 GB Flash.  It has Touch pad, My glass phone APP.  Camera –photos, 5MP, VIDEO -720 P.  For more information log on to