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Firefox OS

Firefox OS is based on linux open source operating system for smart phone operating system and tablets computers. Mozilla is its developer renowned for Firefox web browser. It’s an alternative system  for mobile devices using open standards, HTML 5 , Java script, privilege model, open web API’s  to make communication simpler through cell phones.


Firefox OS was publicly demonstrated in February 2012, on Android-compatible smartphones and again in 2013 running on Raspberry Pi. In January 2013, at CES 2013, ZTE confirmed they would be shipping a smartphone with Firefox OS  and on July 2, 2013, Telefónica launched the first commercial Firefox OS based phone, ZTE Open, in Spain.

On July 25, 2011, Dr. Andreas Gal, Director of Research at Mozilla Corporation, announced the “Boot to Gecko” Project (B2G) on the Mozilla. The purposal of the project was “pursue the goal of building a complete, standalone operating system for the open web” in order to “find the gaps that keep web developers from being able to build apps that are – in every way – the equals of native apps built for the iPhone [iOS], Android, and WP7 [Windows Phone 7].


Its features are:

  • It provides messaging facility
  • You can find out maps
  • Listen to music
  • Upload photos
  • Do social media networking
  • You can evolve it as a market place
  • It is adaptive and a lot of applications are available on phone
  • It is made to capture the moments of your life
  • It has the capacity to transform the future , build a brighter future for the web world.
  • It’s a community based phone
  • You can have superior browsing experience while using it.

So hurry up go and order one for yourself or gift your loved ones.