The Vision Spark

Events, Trainings and Parties

At TheVisionSpark the team takes keen interest in organizing training sessions and recreational events. We have celebrated National day as well to exhibit our true cultural values and patriotism.  We have extensively arranged practical as well as theoretical trainings at the office for the encouragement of our employees . These includes PHP , Word Press, Team building exercises , motivational speeches , inspiring stories , software knowledge and giving input on how to improve the career path  in order to boost the morale of each and every employee.



For entertainment we had been to numerous places including do darya, mandi on highway, gulshan grill for dinner. We enjoyed spending time together and that had enabled us to understand each other more closely and then move ahead as a strong team. We also arranged a daytime cricket match which was a must watch. It was huge fun activity and we often participate in such activities to give employees a refresher. At TheVisionSpark we have a much decentralized tough closely bound culture where everyone is welcome to put forth the suggestions and ways to improve not only work but also culture at the organizational level.