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E-Commerce Websites

Online shopping is as easy as well as difficult because there is little certainty. People dont wish to spend their money very quickly and easily online. Since sometimes it can be very time consuming , unpleasent and tedious. turning the entire experience into a diaster surely it can. But there are certain websites who have maintain their qualitiy and product and the whole supply chain process very nicely some of them are discussed as under:

Bonobos’ shopping experience is smooth. Good typography and subtle colors help focus on the products and featurebonobos-opts, with all distractions fading away as you interact with the site. When a new item is added to the cart, it appears in a sliding sidebar on the right, prompting customers to either keep shopping or check out. The design of the checkout form is elegant and clean. The amount of data required is never overwhelming since it’s clearly separated in manageable chunks. And the most important bit: the favicon is a bananas icon! Now that is pretty cool.


Martina Sperl
Martina Sperl’s website is a lovely website. The shop features polished photography of her products, with a simple navigation panel fixed on the right side of the page. The hover effect is simple yet bold, showing the item number and price boldly in a large sans-serif typeface. You can, of course, click an image to view details about the product and get a 3-D view of the furniture (just a series of images). Buying a piece of furniture requires you to order by email. Again, bold full-width product images are used on product pages, and you can click on the “heart” icon to express your love for a product. Powered by WordPress.

Banana Cafe

Banana Cafe is crazy. The 3-D hover effects of the site are consistent across the entire shopping experience. The blocks rotate in different directions, creating interesting movement throughout the website. It isn’t your ordinary online shop, but rather a collection of suggestions for your closet. The hover effects reveal a reference number that you would use in the contact form at the bottom of the page. Well, the audio and video in the background aren’t really necessary, but they do complement the unique experience on the site quite well.

Hence there are wonderful stores available out there it seems hard to spend your hard earned money but online shopping has made it easy there are good stores available out there offering brands and designer wears and products of all ranges.

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