The Vision Spark

Developing Mutual Understanding among Teams

The most important aspect of human life is human Behavior or attitude. One who learns to master the art of self control becomes a very polished and successful person. People who learned to control their behaviors can only understand how to control others too. Such people become very good leaders because they exhibit leadership qualities. They have enough potential to drive others.  They got qualities to be the team leads.
We can never eliminate human factor from human beings which are based on their feelings, emotions and reactions. This is very much gifted from God to humans and it is an innate capacity given to them in order to understand each other.  It is better to use this human factor in evaluating humans and bring harmony and understand among them.  This can only be achieved by understand the psychology of humans from various aspects their attitude, behavior, family back ground, relationships, experiences.  To do this it is of significant importance to have people with higher emotional quotient (EQ) in leading roles because they posses’ immense qualities of overcoming emotional upheavals and understands human behavior very well.
All the great leaders of the world Sir Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Mohammad Ali Jinnah . Nelson Mandela all were very much liked by people because of the fact that people could relate to them they had high EQ. Such kinds of qualities are required in a manager as well to deal with his subordinates and team members. He must be intelligent enough to give respect to emotional elements and sentiments of the people in his team and that’s the key to develop understanding among team members. The level of friendship and communication will decide how far a team can be successful and able enough to achieve the organizational and individual objectives.
No assignment or project can be done individually so mutual dependence is of utmost value and developing it among team members is difficult since everyone has a different mindset and nature. It is the responsibility of manager to listen to everyone but come up with the right decision the optimal solution to fulfill the organizational objective.  Hence once the teams develop understanding so it can become easy for them to mutually cooperate and come up to the similar conclusion and concur with each other on various organizational issues.
Hence these are the ways a manager needed to observe while managing teams in order to make team members understand each other, cooperate with each other and be successful in the achievement of organizational objectives.