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Location Base Project Management Tools

Project management tools were basically initiated for mid size and small business which were comprised of small teams. Project management has now been started to manage very large business as well. Most of the multinationals and big giants as well as small and medium sized companies have out sourced their department to people providing project management solutions off shore. This is a very convenient and cost effective manner to manage the business.

There are various top project management tools from which one should choose to apply to get maximum benefit from their business. These days’ globalization and diversity in the global world and people are more looking forward to work through using project management tools. There are a few top tools discussed as under Teambox : this is the best project collaboration software which is popular among designers and managers. It’s very user friendly software. It ensures the flow of information among users and data is exchanged in a very systematic manner in this software.


Next is Projecturf: Its kinds of very much customized software with very high security level to keep data private and many features are just same as of team box. Next is Apollo: It’s highly interactive and control functionality on time and enables you to perform tasks on time, it set millstones and accomplish the tasks. Next in the list is Base Camp: it provides very good platform to communicate among a managers and team members, its highly effectively interactive software. It provides templates to create tasks so it’s not tedious project management software tool. Huddle is the most widely used software throughout the world by maximum number of businesses. It’s all basic functionalities are online. So there are plenty of software available throughout the world the important thing is to gauze which one is suitable according to the need of your business.