The Vision Spark

Building Technical Skill set

In this non stagnant business world it is of utmost importance to build technical expertise. There are very many people who are not capable enough to acquire academic qualification by attending schools and professional institutions.  For such people vocational training centers are established worldwide which are largely supported by government in the developed countries and nominal charges in the under developed  nations. People can get immense knowledge and can learn several skills through getting vocational trainings.
Even governments themselves give opportunities to individuals to empower them and develop effective workforce in order to improve productivity and manufacture capital goods to earn foreign exchange and export more. The more you have skilled man power the more you have production and growth opportunities. All the biggest economies have trained their individuals to work hard and contribute in building them up and make the use of internal resources so that imports are less and exports are more and only such economies has grown since last few decades who learned the lessons of being self sufficient . The economies such as China, India, Japan UK and US have grown tremendously in last few decades.
The most significant factor is considering the power of women population as an effective workforce and contributor in the economy. Mostly in illiterate societies women are considered not capable enough to handle the economics but in reality research proved that they are the strongest economists since their management starts very early from home economics and they handles finance better than men. They are best in budgeting and maintaining customer relationships and resolving queries. Since they are gifted with soft skills and polite nature by mother Nature.
So all men and women are equally an asset to the nation and both can contribute equally in their own capacities in nation building and growing economies the need of the hour is to provide them a platform to show their strength and polish their abilities so that they themselves identify their true potentials and not only work for their own good but also for the betterment of the society and country as a whole.
We must encourage our people to work hard and be loyal to the country and help the state in moving ahead because with the passage of time the competition is getting fierce and to stand in the league we have to be inter dependent and self sufficient in order to win the race.