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Advantages of OpenERP Over SAP

Among the various advantages of OpenERP over SAP one is that it is easy to navigate than SAP.In SAP any customization is very costly about $200/hour. Here you can burn easily 100 hours on minor functionality. For small businesses it is recommended to hire someone and perform it manually rather than the systems. In SAP the customer support has become pathetic. They think with SAP they are just a number in the balance sheet and small businesses don’t make much difference to SAP. Integration of SAP with Magneto web store is not that great. For these reasons it is better and advantageous to use OpenERP OVER sap. The above points are observed after having a client survey that prefer to use OpenERP over SAP. Hence it highlights the advantages of using Open ERP.
There are various advantages and differences between SAP and OpenERP . Firstly SAP was developed in Germany and OpenERP was developed in United States. SAP software can be called as fit for all meaning it is made for the businesses of all sizes. It is useful for all type of business.  OpenERP  is made for Small-Mid businesses . Due to Customization the implementation cost is reduced from 30-40% in OpenERP as compared to SAP. The license cost and hardware requirements are minimal in OpenERP.

CRM Server is integrated in OpenERP and no need of extra server but in case of SAP hardware cost is of 10% of implementation cost. Moreover Licensing cost is 25% more over the implementation cost. SAP needs a dedicated Server for CRM. Twenty Four Percent of the global licensing cost allocated for a period of five year as the maintenance cost for the SAP projects. For OpenERP, it is estimated as 10% of the implemented cost for more than 500 users. SAP is best suited for large entities and organizations and can provide them common and complete structures. On the other hand it doesn’t cater the requirements of small structures where flexible solutions, easy tools and implementations and quick fixes are required.